Treats Without The Tricks: Halloween Testing

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On the 31st October our Technical teams successfully engaged in their first ever Data Acquisition (DAQ) session.  

Composed of a team of Testing Manager Jamie Thompson, Electronics & DAQ Manager Laurence Parkins, Powertrain Manager Charlie Williams, and Chief Mechanic Alistair Fisher, we were able to break the ice on DAQ, gathering stats live on track.

Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground set the scene for this landmark event in the 13-year history of Warwick Racing. The team identified the need for such a monitoring system long ago, and after over a year of development, we’re proud to have had so much success with the system already.

The session, shared with UB Racing, permitted not only the first ever exercise in DAQ, but also the fitting and testing of the car’s new potentiometers.

Although there was a slow start due to ignition problems, the team were soon on their way after tracing the problem back to a loose ground connection. The suspension displacement on two corners of the car were recorded using the linear potentiometers kindly provided by StrainSense.

From this, we will be looking to build upon this new established DAQ framework over the course of the year, and seek to use the data gain for both active control systems on the car and for post-analysis monitoring to track new design features, For example, traction control will require the team to monitor the wheel speed and throttle position in real time.

The session was not all work with no play, though; the damp weather conditions allowed for some fancy drifting with surplus track time left over after the DAQ exercises enabling the new recruits to take the car of a spin!

Jamie Thompson added: “It was not only great to get to take the car out for a spin, but to see so many new recruits coming along for the ride and getting stuck in.

“With such a promising start in the bag for testing and DAQ, it’s all onwards and upwards from here.”

 After such a successful, early venture in WR6’s calendar, we can’t wait to get going again!


Written by Shaam Vora.

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