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Jaguar Land Rover: The Many Parts of Body Engineering

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On Tuesday 3rd November, Warwick Racing’s Speaker Series continued with great fervour as Andrew Loughead (Craftmanship PAT Leader) of Jaguar Land Rover joined a packed crowd of 80 students to speak through the growth of the company, his role within it, and how students can best gain access to engineering opportunities with JLR.

As a MEng Graduate of the class of 2011, Andrew immediately entered onto JLR’s Graduate Scheme where his home department lay in the Perceived Quality team of the Body Engineering group. After placements elsewhere in the company – including Material Engineering, Product Planning and Advanced Design – Andrew settled in his original team of Perceived Quality, whose work hones in on the sensory connections and emotional attachments of customers.

Andrew explained thoroughly the place of Body Engineering within the wider JLR group, with the emphasis placed on Body work as ‘everything the customer can see and touch’. Warwick Racing students were then taken on a tour of a typical development process of a JLR vehicle from sketch to production line, giving those present a taste for the many roles and responsibility available in design and manufacturing.

The specifics of Perceived Quality were also explained in great detail, with anecdotes on how even the smell of fittings and trimmings are considered by the team in accommodating the customer first, and the business next.

Further guidance and data was shared with the group on the growth of JLR in recent years. Sales have reached volumes of up to 400,000 this year, following the booming success of TATA Motors taking ownership of Jaguar and Land Rover in 2008, since when sales have doubled and turnover has trebled. Since the implementation of this deal, JLR has had the chance to evolve its product range with vehicles such as the XE and Evoque propelling the company’s reputation and sales, allowing the British company to expand worldwide and compete in an ever-global market.

Following the 45-minute presentation, a question and answer session ensued with students keen to engage in topics such as placements, how best to select a company to work for, and how Formula Student UK can enhance job applications. JLR’s 2015 intake of Graduates consisted of 320 in total, 60 of whom were inducted into Andrew’s division of the business in Body Engineering. As such, the presentation was hugely relevant, contemporary and insightful.

In hosting this event, we filled the capacity of the room used, with, as noted, 80 students in attendance, over 60 per cent of whom were penultimate or final year students. As such, we are proud in classing this as yet another outstanding event in Warwick Racing’s year.

Project Manager Matt Dent added: “As a fourth year engineer for Warwick Racing, it was a great opportunity to have such an inspirational speaker come and talk to us about bodywork design and quality control.

“Personally, my area of expertise lies in the field of powertrain design and testingIMG_0424, so it was fantastic to learn more about the bigger picture, and how many various functions within an organisation must pull together to reach a shared, end goal.

“Furthermore, Andrew was more than insightful in sharing advice on applications both for internships and for graduate careers!”

Andrew Loughead concluded: “I was extremely impressed by the professionalism of the Warwick Racing team and the high attendance, engagement and thought-provoking questions posed by the WR members in attendance.

“Involvement in an a team such as Warwick Racing can give members a real insight into a future Automotive or Motorsport career, not only from a perspective of technical competency, but also in building effective relationships, business acumen and team working.

“I look forward to working with Warwick Racing again in the future!”



Written by Chloe Wynne.

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