Formula Student 2015 – Onwards and Upwards

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In July, while summer holidays were in full flow, Warwick Racing took a team 32-strong to attend the annual Formula Student events hosted at Silverstone and Hockenheim.

In its thirteenth year of competition, this was the first year since the team’s inception that it has been an independent entity comprised of its widest and most diverse student base yet.

With such momentous structural changes enacted within the team, no major developments were implemented for the engineers who instead placed a heavy focus on improving standards from our predecessor car, WR4. ‘Evolution, not revolution’ was adopted as the team’s ethos. In total, £56,000 was spent on the car, with the Composite sections eating up most of the budget.

Speaking to Project Manager of the 2014 team Matt Lowe before the events he said: “We were able to take last year’s car out and test it a lot, ironing out the creases that it had before.

“This year we’ve really focused on making just a few changes, but those changes will help our competitive element.”

At Silverstone, the design element of the car was recognised as a limitation with some noise issues experienced; however, with younger generations of the team in attendance at the competition this can be built on in the following year and design work is already underway to solve the issue.

Placed in 57th position overall in the Formula Student UK (FSUK) competition, Warwick Racing’s WR5 excelled in Presentation with a score of 61.7, putting us in 12th position for that event. A further 65 Design points and 45.2 Business points summed a total of 171.9.

When WR5 went onto Germany we improved on our points tally with 199.41 accumulated through the events, and thus we moved up one position to 56th overall.

Faculty Advisor Howard Neal concluded: “The team restructure has led to many teething issues, however they were able to successfully bring a Class 1 entry car to competition for the 13th year running.

“The team performed well in the Static Events, especially Business Presentation, but due to an unforeseen pedal box failure, were unable to compete in any of the dynamic events.

“Although a disappointment, the team learnt a lot from this experience, especially the importance of a quick run through scrutineering, tilt, noise and brake testing.

“We are raring to come back to the UK event next year to show what we can really do!”

Business Manager of the 2016 team Thomas Wilson was also in attendance assessing the previous group’s business condition and scrutinising what improvements he can implement in the coming year.

“When every team is assembled on the starting straight for the team photo, you get a sense of the importance of Formula Student, and what a whole year of effort leads up to.”

Meanwhile, incoming Business Development Manager Michael Andronicou added: “I was taken back by the magnitude of the event! FSUK was a fantastic opportunity to meet future sponsors and partners. We are hoping to form lots of great partnerships between Warwick Racing and industry.”

From the engineering team, Rushab Shah, Dynamics Manager of the 2016 team, spoke about his insight going forward: “We learnt that a tested car is much more beneficial than a theoretically better car; this was found when we tested the carbon wishbones before Formula Student Germany (FSG).”

Finally, Project Manager Matt Dent is hopeful of what is around the corner for WR6: “We now have the tools and people necessary for achieving the next evolutionary step for WR6.

“We can build on the work achieved last year, and prove what Warwick Racing is really capable of in 2016.”


Written by Chloe Wynne.

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