Dynamics Team: Mid-Term Review

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The last update we had came from the Powertrain Team and its head Charlie Williams. Now, Rushab Shah informs us what Dynamics have been up to since the beginning of term. 


Since our handover from WR5, my team have been focusing primarily on redesigning the front and rear suspension. Now that this is complete, we are putting the plans in place and further upgrading the steering and brake systems.

As well as working on our own projects, we have been collaborating with the Chassis Team to work on car integration and further understanding how our joint efforts will push the car to its optimum level, making WR6 a worthy contender next year.

Research is well underway in Dynamics: we have been benchmarking the work of other teams to explore further how we can improve the car’s cornering with anti-roll bars.

We are also seeking to place linear potentiometers on the dampers – put simply, position sensors that are mounted parallel to the dampers to quantify peak load forces. These load forces will then be used to design additively manufactured uprights. In terms of tangible progress on this front, tyre data and damper analysis are currently being recorded and interpreted through MATLAB.

Each day so much is developing in our pit – we can’t wait to bring it altogether and show what WR6 is truly capable of.


Written by Chloe Wynne.

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