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Deutsche Bank: Technology In Business

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On Tuesday afternoon of academic Week 3 our partners at Deutsche Bank had an exclusive platform to a combined audience of nearly 150 members from Warwick Racing, with an array of our engineers and business students in attendance, and in anticipation of opportunities with the Bank.

Firstly, Gee Magnat of Deutsche Group Technology and Operations kicked off our brand new speaker series enlightening Racing members on how data acquisition fits in with everyday business. It was an exceptional demonstration of how such functions that Warwick Racing work with can also apply to banking, asserting the vast opportunity available in the company.

Later on in the day a panel consisting of Jade Larkin (Deutsche Recruiter), Michael Andronicou (Deutsche Campus Ambassador and Business Development Manager, Warwick Racing), Cameron Bee (Summer Intern) and Ashley Kearsley (GROW Programme) hosted a CV and Application Writing workshop, sharing practical advice on CVs, cover letters and standout applications. Further guidance was given on interviewing processes and styles. The audience interacted enthusiastically with the panel in a Q&A session that wrapped up the day’s productivity!IMG_0212

Of the members in attendance 62% were Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths students; meanwhile 24% were from the Economics and Business Schools. Our female membership has significantly increased this year, which was reflected in that 32% of the workshop attendees were women.

Michael concluded: “We hosted two excellent sessions in partnership with Deutsche. The Team and I were elated with the feedback from both Deutsche Bank and our members in the audience in terms of value that they got from the sessions.

“We’re really happy with the attendance – there were 137 people across the two sessions and to think, this is just our first event!

“We have only been working with the Bank for a month now, yet we still managed to run two successful events and further marketing campaigns to help them attract the highest calibre graduates at Warwick.

“This has been testament to the way that the Team has approached stakeholder relationships thus far this academic year.”

Audience members further commented on how informative the sessions were, remarking on how before attending they had not considered the possibility of combining work in Technology and Operations with work in banking. They were confident that when contemplating careers with Deutsche in future they could incorporate this event and the knowledge gained into their applications.

We are appreciative to both Gee and Jade for helping to launch our 2015/16 events calendar, and are hopeful of where are partnership can go next.


Written by Chloe Wynne.

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