Chief Mechanic, Alistair Fisher.

Chiefs: Mid-Term Review

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So far we’ve heard from four of our technical teams in what they have been doing since term started six weeks ago. Now, it’s time to get the low-down from Chief Mechanic Alistair Fisher and Chief Engineer Araan Dass. 


Alistair: Among all of the redesigns ongoing in the team, my area of development is on the pedal box. After designing the assembly for WR5, I am going to develop the design further for WR6 – but this time, changing from a floor mounted pedal box to an underslung one. This term I have been researching the Monash Formula Student Team’s vertical master cylinders, to enlighten me in this project and hopefully allow for the shortening of the pedal box. From WR4 to WR5 a third of the weight was shed from the pedal box and the aim is to lose another third for WR6.

More day-to-day I have been helping out with fixing components as we go along and more generally maintaining the car, such as recently fixing our engine bracket. Then, my remit also entails monitoring what the rest of the technical teams are doing in order to better understand the implementation of all of the new components to allow for their upkeep and maintenance.



Araan: An aim that everyone is working toward is being the best among the UK teams, and being able to fully complete the Endurance rounds in 2016.

On an everyday level, this means that I regularly engage with the Manager of each team, aiding and advising them, and then set technical monitoring points to ensure that we are where we need to be.

Further to this, I help the teams out in very practical ways in sourcing many of their materials and creating plans for the upcoming months.



Written by Chloe Wynne.

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